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Do you own property in France ?

Does French bureaucracy leave you confused and bewildered ?

Do you find getting things done in France difficult and slow ?

If so one of our support plans may be the solution:

Bronze Plan  £99 (117 €) quarterly  ( up to 25 calls) per quarter  

  • Organising services contracts, electricity gas, water, telephone, internet
  • Recommending tradesmen, organising quotes
  • Organising property cleaning
  • Completing forms relating to properties, income.
  • Organising property/Gite rental.
  • Drafting letters in French.

Silver Plan  £300 yearly cover (60 calls per six months period)

All items from the Bronze Plan plus:

  • Building permits  (Permit de construire  application does not include the plans needed for the permit ) it solely includes  completing forms
  • Building declaration forms (Declaration  de travaux etc….. (completing forms)
  • Diagnostic report summary in English)
  • Managing solicitor’s meetings (organising meetings)
  • Organising insurance (getting quotes and contracts)
  • Organising Fosse Septic (off mains drainage) survey 
  • Finding architect
  • Communication with the Mairie  
  • Making a will in France (appointment with the notaire)

Gold Plan  £340 yearly cover (limited to  180 Calls)

All items from the Bronze and Silver plans plus:

  • Setting up as an self-employed  artisan (Auto-entrepreneur/micro-enterprise business setup)
  • Document translation service  (maximum one side A4 size)
  • Property visit each month (100 km limit from our base)
  • Getting medical care in France (Application for a Carte vitale)
  • House purchase diagnostic report summary in English
  • Managing solicitors meetings
  • Organising insurance with the insurance companies
  • Assistance with registering, cars, trailer, caravan etc certificate  of conformity
  • Dealings with problems (neighbour disputes etc...) 
  • Getting registered with a doctor
  • Organising property cleaning 
  • Formalities after the loss of a family member


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