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France Translated is run by Nicola Lambert in the UK and Nathalie Bailey in France.

Nicola Lambert

Nicola is based in the UK and studied Business and Management at College, she worked as a Solicitors representative for over 18 Years and is now Director in the family business in the construction Industry. She has purchased, renovated, and lived in a house in France and so has first hand experience of the problems both big and small that can crop up when finding the property you want and not being familiar with the culture and language.

In France the legalities are very different from the UK as a purchaser and  organizing connection to utilities and finding the right  tradesman can be a minefield.  She also needed help arranging visits for the best school for her daughter to attend while she was living in France. These are just a few of the issues that she had to overcome while there and then on her return to the UK keeping the property maintained as a holiday home including the collection of post, having the house made ready for frequent visits and just checking that all is well whilst absent were all things that had to be organised.

Nicola never thought that there would be so many differences in purchasing in France from the UK  but having overcome these she is  keen to assist you with any problems large or small to help you on your journey to  your dream home in France.    "I know that if all the problems I had could have been solved by a team all in one place I would have contacted them at the outset and saved both time, money and stress".


Nathalie Bailey

Nathalie is a 55 years old French national who grew up in Paris, married with three children she lives with her husband Chris in Normandie. 

Nathalie went to the UK at the age of 19 for a couple of years and stayed until 2005 !, she studied in Paris and London and her background is in accounting. She has worked for various financial institutions in London.

Since returning full-time to France she helps, teaches and translates for the English. She came back to Normandie to live in the holiday home which she and her husband purchased in 1988. Since returning to France she has met many English speakers from all walks of life. She has dealt with all sorts of problems, ranging from from setting up a businesses in France, buying property, registering a car, organising medical care etc etc .... Basically all the things that can make life difficult for property owners or expats in France.


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