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Do you own property in France ?

Are you left confused and bewildered by French bureaucracy ?

Do you find it difficult and slow to get things done in France ?

If this sounds all too familiar and you are determined to effectively manage the problems associated with property ownership in France then France Translated can help you and make your French experience the idyll that it should be.

The service is run by French speakers who have lived both in England and France and realise how the language barrier can easily destroy the French dream. Our experiences have shown that non French speakers can gain significant benefits from our support and assistance when embarking on property purchase. It can also make the ownership of property in France a smooth process with no surprises.

Several options are available including subscription plans and a range of individual services covering all the bureaucratic pitfalls that we think you are likely to encounter in France. You can contact us for more details through the enquiry page or by phone on the numbers at the bottom of this page. 


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UK - +44 7741 45 63 07

France - +33 677 29 20 14


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